Afterparties & Sleepovers

Let’s face it, whilst we undoubtedly have the best time with our dogs, there comes a point whereby you are invited to an event or make plans that can’t involve them.

I know all too well how gut wrenchingly guilty it can make you feel leaving your dog alone on an evening whilst you go out, particularly if you have been at work through the day. Our afterparties service is designed to provide you with a flexible service whereby your dog can spend whole or part of the evening with us, having their own little ‘afterparty. And if it’s going to be a late one, then why not let them have sleepover with us (and Bumble of course)!

Your dog will send you updates throughout the night to let you know how much fun they are having, so you can enjoy your night in the knowledge that your dog is having as good a time (if not better) than you!

Please note that this is a popular service and subject to availability. Priority will be given to existing clients who use our other services.

AfterpartiesMonday to Friday - £4 per hourWeekends (subject to availability) - £6 per hour
SleepoversMonday – Thursday - £20Friday – Sunday - £25
24 hour weekend boarding (please note there is limited availability for this so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment)Friday - Sunday - £30

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