About Us

Our ‘Bumble’ beginnings

Hi, my name is Bumble (yep – that’s me above!) and I am the Director of Operations at The Paw Pack.

I came to live with my Mum, Rachel (above!) and Dad (James) in Gosforth as a tiny 8 week old puppy in May 2014 (yes, that’s me as a puppy below!) – I begged Mum not to use my baby photos but I couldn’t stop her!

I should probably tell you a bit about my Mum. To be honest she’s a bit dog mad. From what I understand she has been around animals her whole life (including horses) and got her first two rescue dogs, Texas and Digby when she was 12. I think Mum had always wanted to be a vet, but she ended up studying Law at University (no idea why – seems a bit boring to me!). Anyway, Mum married Dad in December 2013 and instead of having a honeymoon fund, they decided to have a ‘beagle’ fund which was used to bring a little ‘Bumble’ of joy into their lives, you guessed it… me!

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Our ‘big’ idea

From the moment I came along it was clear that Mum and Dad’s world’s revolved around me (and rightly so) but they both have busy and demanding lives that sometimes made it difficult for them to achieve the right balance between work, life and looking after me. Ultimately their wish list for me was the inspiration behind the bespoke, professional and reliable services that we will be providing. We want to help other devoted dog owners achieve a dog-life balance, and also the peace of mind that their dogs are healthy, safe and above all happy.

We are fully insured and have had Bill from the council and Ruth from the vets around to our house. They are happy for me to have licence for my friends to come round and play so with all of the boring stuff taken care of, us dogs can focus on the serious issue of having fun!

Our ‘little’ extras

Knowing your dog is healthy, safe and happy is still not enough for us. Us dogs feel sad for you having to go to work every day to pay for our food so here at The Paw Pack we want you to share in the fun that we are having throughout the day. That’s why we provide GPS navigation, Periscope, private social media sites and your very own What’sApp group (or photo messaging service) to make sure your dog still plays a part in your day. After all, no matter how your day is, you all know seeing our little faces can make things better.

Go ahead, check out which of our bespoke services might help you achieve a better dog-life balance, and allow your dog to quite simply have the time of their life!

We look forward to welcoming you to The Paw Pack.

Bumble (and Rachel)