Introducing our wedding service

When Bumble and I business modelled The Paw Pack (you think I’m kidding – see picture!) we decided that we wanted to offer a wedding service. Now we know what you’re thinking – in your mind you see some naff ‘Vegas’ style wedding ceremony between a Great Dane, and a Pug, who in all honesty only really tolerate each other, let alone have any desire to be joined in canine matrimony! This is NOT what our wedding service is about, so please just hear us out.

My husband and I got married before we got Bumble, but despite the fact that he wasn’t even a twinkle in his mother (Cookie’s) eye he was still involved in the day, and instead of contributing to a honeymoon fund, people’s gift to us was a contribution to our ‘beagle’ fund which we used to bring little Bumble into our lives (technically it also means that he has approximately 90 godparents!). This got me thinking about what I would have done, had James and I had Bumble when we got married. The thought of not having him factored into the wedding is quite frankly unthinkable, but let’s be honest the logistics (and stress) of planning a wedding can be difficult enough without having to decide what to do with your dog (particularly since every usual ‘go to’ person for dog sitting is going to be…well, at your wedding!)

Our wedding service is designed to take away the worry about your dog(s) on your big day. For some, this will involve a two night luxury home boarding package whereby they will stay with us and have a couple of ‘big’ days themselves, taking in long walks, and lazy afternoons cuddled on the sofa.

But wait a minute, everyone has heard the saying a dog is a man’s best friend, so what would happen if you didn’t invite one of your best friends to your wedding!? Luckily, our dogs are too loyal to hold a grudge, but what if your dog could be at your big day, but in a seamless and stress free way? We provide a service whereby your pooch can be involved in your wedding in whatever capacity you choose, for some this may be for pictures whilst the bride (or groom) are getting ready, for others this may be a guest appearance outside the church so that they can appear in the photographs – whatever you would like – we can provide. Not only are we sure having your dog involved would make your guest list complete – if you take a look at the pictures on our website, let’s be honest the pictures are pretty blumin cool too!!

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