Measure your dog’s fitness regime with The Paw Pack

In this day and age we are surrounded by apps and devices that make it easier for us to measure our fitness and activity. Whilst sadly they are not yet capable of physically removing you from the sofa, the sense of achievement (and let’s face it smugness) they allow you at the end of a workout goes a long way to making it worth the effort.

Here at The Paw Pack we know that there is no such motivation needed for our pooches to get moving, but nevertheless we feel they should be able to join the fitness culture by mapping all of their walks/runs via GPS navigation. Your dog will then e-mail you their route, and post it on social media for you to see. Now we know for many this will be a bit of fun – and a lovely way for you to visually see their walk, and share in their day with The Paw Pack, but there is a serious side to it too. As the owner of a waste disposal unit (sorry, I mean beagle) I know all too well how difficult it can be to maintain their weight, but the simple fact is that an overweight dog is not a healthy dog. Our active walks can assist you with maintaining your dog’s weight, and keeping track of their new healthier fitness regime by clocking how far they have travelled on a daily basis.

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