Pooches, Prosecco, Pale Ale & Pies – our mission to find the best dog friendly establishments in Gosforth and it’s surrounding areas

There are many of our favourite past-times that can easily involve our pooch, and whilst long vigorous walks play an integral part of our ‘down time’ on an evening or weekend, their comes a time where we want to succumb to a couple of proseccos, pale ales or good pub grub! But when this happens – what happens to our dogs?

Luckily so many more establishments in Gosforth and the surrounding areas are becoming ‘dog friendly’ meaning your dog no longer has to stay at home missing out on the fun. Our mission is to track down the best of these establishments and give you the low down through our Blog, so that the next time you are looking for somewhere to partake in a couple of your favourite past times.

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