Thinking of getting a dog but worried about work?

A dog is a huge commitment – fact!

A dog will change your life for the better – fact!

A dog will understand, and be ok that you have to go to work every day to pay the bills (including the additional expense that they will cost you) – sorry, no, HUGE fiction.

Getting a dog is a monumental decision for anyone, and not one that should be taken lightly. They demand a great deal of time, energy and devotion, and no one should get a dog unless they are certain that they can ensure they have the care that they need.

For many people the infamous words ‘I would love a dog…but’ stem from their work commitments. Yes, I know it’s frustrating, not least because so far as the list of things you like – dogs are probably number one, and quite frankly work probably doesn’t even make it on to the list at all! But work is a sad reality of life, and not many of us have the luxury of taking their dog to work (god knows I tried, but it’s not that easy to fit a fully grown hound into a set of desk drawers!!). Plus even if you did manage to get it past the boss there would surely be some health & safety legislation to stop you.

Here at The Paw Pack we are all too aware of how badly work can get in the way of your dream of a dog, and our services are all designed to offer you an option of balancing work, with the ability to have a dog too. Whether that’s taking your dog out daily, and giving them the exercise and stimulation they need until you come home. Or having day care with us whilst you are out, or even giving you the option to arrange for your dog to stay at ours for an evening, or sleepover when things get really manic – all of our services are designed to help you achieve what we call a dog-life balance.

We would always encourage prospective dog owners to be realistic and fully consider every factor that comes with having a dog before making the decision to get one, but if you have ever muttered the words ‘I would love a dog…but’ then it may be worth seeing if The Paw Pack could take away the ‘but’ and make the dream of dog owning a reality.

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