Dog Daycare Services

Do you worry about how much you have to leave your dog through the day? Day care can be a rewarding and enjoyable environment for many dogs in which they spend their days with company and socialising with other dogs in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our Paw Pack Day care HQ is on Whitley Road, Benton where we have almost 8,000 square feet of inside and outside space, split between different ‘zones’ including:

  • A designated‘Puppy Pod’which provides a tailored area for our puppies as they make the transition to normal daycare with the other dogs
  • Two‘chill out’areas offering a quieter time for our dogs
  • Two‘active’areas providing an amazing space for active play, which are fitted with fully shock absorbing safety flooring to ensure the health and safety of the dogs whilst playing.
  • ‘Bumble’s Bar & Lounge’ area for a more chilled out environment for dogs and their owners
  • A fully enclosed outside ‘adventure playground
  • A spa area for grooming
  • The interior has been designed to continue a ‘home from home’, offering lots of space and interactive equipment that will provide a fun and stimulating experience for the dogs
  • Pick up and drop off taxi service available from £3 each way (depending upon availability and location, we would need to confirm our ability to provide a taxi service to your address)

Day care is not suitable for all dogs and in order to ensure the health, safe and happiness of all dogs that attend day care we have specific rules in place. Please ensure you read these fully in order to understand whether this service would be suitable for you and your dog.

All dogs must attend an induction to ensure their suitability for day care.


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  • Danielle Cameron
    2nd January 2018 at 2:15 pm

    Hi, I’d love to enrol our doggy, Saffy, in daycare one day per week, if you have the space.
    A colleague of mine, Mat DeLong recommended your services. Our postcode is NE3 3EA, Kenton Lane, I hope this isn’t too far.
    Saffy is a beautiful terrier/sloughi/lab cross, 8 months old, and would really benefit from some socialising with other dogs. She’s well trained (as well as a puppy can be !) she can sit, lie down, do both paws, go to bed, good recall, and spins on command.
    I work 9-5 and my partner works nights, so she doesn’t have much time away from us and I think it would do her good to get out a bit more.