Introducing our Training ‘Packademy’


My name is Kate and I am delighted to be working with The Paw Pack as their in-house dog & puppy trainer.

I have grown up surrounded by a variety of animals and have always had a keen interest in their health and welfare, which led me to study Animal Science at Newcastle University, where my interest in behaviour developed further. I stayed in Newcastle for an extra year to study Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Master’s level, for which I was awarded a distinction in 2015. This scientific background gives me a solid understanding of animal ethology, learning theory and ethology, learning theory and cognition- an understanding of which is essential to successful animal training. Following my education I set up my training business – Kate’s Dog Training which allows me to help people (and their dogs) with any training needs.

I am a force-free trainer which means that I use reward based training, which is safe, kind, fair and effective. I only use modern training techniques to ensure that training is an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

My training sessions usually take place in your home, or an appropriate outdoor location (for example, if you want to work on recall or lead walking). I will start by asking you some questions about the behaviour you’re having trouble with, what behaviour you would like to see instead and we will discuss some ways we might achieve it. I will show you some practical exercises to do with your dog and send you an e-mail with an individual training plan for you to work on at home.

An example of some of the services I provide are:

Perfect Puppy 1 to 1 session:

A one hour session covering all the basics of life with a new puppy, including:

  • toilet training,
  • crate training,
  • appropriate play,
  • socialisation
  • handling.

Adult Dog 1 to 1 session:

Because you can teach an old dog new tricks! A one hour session covering any specific training issues, for example

  • pulling on the lead,
  • excessive barking,
  • jumping up
  • Tackling behavioural issues such as separation anxiety can also be discussed on an individual basis

All my sessions are tailored to your individual needs and therefore it will often be best to contact me directly to discuss your requirements.

Prices will be discussed on an individual basis, however as general a one hour private sessions starts at £40 with block bookings of 3 sessions for £100.

If you would like to contact me directly to discuss your training requirements please use the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page. I will then arrange a complimentary call to discuss your requirements and a plan of action for your pooch!


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