Make March Magic for your dog

Just a few months ago it was new year, new me, right? Isn’t that the band wagon that we’ve all seemingly fallen off by now? So, with spring in the air why don’t we think about some easy, fun resolutions that we can do with our
dogs? That way, if we don’t stick to it, we’re not just letting ourselves down, we’re letting our dogs
down- and we can’t be having that, can we?!
1.Put a stop to bad habits
As a force free trainer, this was always going to come out on top. Bad habits can be anything
from jerking the lead, tapping the dog on the nose, shouting.. anything that couldn’t be
classed as gentle, kind and force-free. These habits might seem harmless enough, but they’re
at best ineffective and at worst, detrimental to your dog’s wellbeing and your relationship.
Instead of punishing the behaviour we don’t want, lets vow to ask our dogs for the behaviour
we’d like to see instead. Don’t want your dog jumping up at the door? Ask him to sit. Don’t
want your dog to pull ahead of you on walks? Train him to walk by your side. When we set
our dogs up for success and reward what we DO want to see, life makes a lot more sense to
our dogs. If you’re struggling to get on top of any of these training issues, enquire at the Paw
Pack about their training services.
2.Commit to training a new trick on the first day of each month
We all want to be able to get our dogs to sit, come back when called and walk nicely on the
lead, but why stop there? Training is great for building the relationship between dog and
handler. It’s fun, it engages the dog’s brain and best of all, it’s a cool little party trick to
impress your mates. Why not commit to choosing a new trick to train each month, I
guarantee once you’ve started, you’ll be amazed at what your dog can do!
3.Change the old routine
You get in from work, the traffic was terrible, you’re cold, it’s raining and let’s be honest, all
you really want to do is curl up with a box set of Grey’s Anatomy (No? Just me?) and chill out.
But you have a dog, and with that dog came the responsibility to take him for a walk every
day. So, you stick on your coat, grit your teeth and head out for that same old dash round the
block. What if I told you that simply taking a left instead of a right, walking on the other side
of the road, or taking a short cut through the fields could make that walk ten times more
enjoyable for your pooch? Same energy on your part, but a whole lot more fun for our furry
friends. Whilst it’s true that dogs do well with routine, they say variety is the spice of life for
a reason. Change it up!
4.Stop and smell the roses
Dogs love to check their pee-mail. Fact. Whether we like it or not, that is what dogs are
designed to do. So let them do it! There is no need to frog march your dog along the
pavement- let them stop and smell the roses. Dogs love nothing more than a good sniff and
walking time is their time. Walks should be fun, engaging, enriching- not just about marching
from A to B so that the dog’s daily walk can be checked off our to-do list.
5.Love his brain as well as his body
Often when people complain that their dogs have endless amounts of energy, people will
suggest that they need more exercise. Not always and in fact, not usually. The culprit is
usually that our dogs are not getting sufficient mental stimulation which endless walking
doesn’t always provide. The answer lies in enrichment, in training, in letting your dog figure it
out. Snuffle mats, scent work, agility courses and puzzle feeders can all help you make life a
bit trickier and a lot more interesting for your dog.
So there you have it, my top 5 resolutions. A little more appealing than an hour in the gym, don’t you

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